Projects of Organic Control System

Transparency and trust in organic food supply chain & GI products

THEROS aims to implement an integrated toolbox being capable to modernise the process of verifying organic and geographical indications food products and preventing adulterations and non-compliances, through the use of various technological innovations and data sources, while demonstrating enhanced security, transparency and interoperability in the quality labelled food supply chain. The envisioned approach consists of :
• low-cost, digital and scalable solutions that rely on Earth Observation, photonics, Internet of Things and DNA authenticity methods being coupled with advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence in order to ensure efficient detection of fraudulent cases as well as monitoring of associated quality and sustainability elements
• blockchain enhanced traceability system and dynamic digital product passport for improved traceability, security and transparent data governanc
• platforms and algorithms allowing management and harmonisation of heterogenous data as well as their consolidation for the verification and validation of transactions across the supply chain
• interfaces to facilitate monitoring and inspections by competent authorities, informed decision making by supply chain actors and policy makers as well as business model driven approaches to support short supply chains of quality labelled food products.
THEROS toolbox components will be extensively evaluated in real life settings through four pilot demonstrations in four different countries (Serbia, Greece, Spain and Czech Republic), while covering diverse requirements, involvement of all relevant actors and different organic/geographical indication food products and fraud/adulteration cases.
Theros • Organic Control system

enVision 2020

ENVISION contributes in the achievement of CAP’s environmental objectives, offering the tools for the continuous, large scale and uninterrupted monitoring of farm management activities with regards to sustainability. These tools reinforce the monitoring of of environmental- and climate-friendly agricultural practices stemming from EU policy ensuring that the agricultural activities do not severely impact the climate and nature. ENVISION aims to fulfil the need for continuous and systematic monitoring of agricultural land, shifting the focus from fragmented monitoring limited to specific fields and dates to territory-wide and all-year-round monitoring. It will make use of heterogeneous types of available data and state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies for providing a fully-automated and scalable toolbox of services, built in close interaction with its future customers.
enVision • Organic Control system

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