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Organic Control System doo is the first domestic control organization for organic production. It was founded in June 2003 and in the same year hired an expert from an eminent control house from Germany to train its employees and train them to perform control and certification tasks in accordance with EU and USDA/NOP standard.
From the very beginning, the Organic Control System has been controlling and certifying in accordance with domestic legislation with the main goal of promoting and expanding organic production in Serbia as well as achieving and maintaining the trust of domestic producers and consumers in organic products.

Our scope of certificate of accreditation is available through the link: http://www.registar.ats.rs/predmet/776/

Certificate of accreditation

Gender Equality Policy

European Union

ATS is a MLA signatory since 2012 (http://www.ats.rs/en). Previously, producers of organic products from Serbia had to use certification services abroad. Now for the first time in Serbia, domestic producers can be certified according to the EU regulations (EC Reg. 834/2007) by the local control organization – Organic Control System, which will significantly improve the economic efficiency of organic production and thereby increase the competitiveness of Serbian organic products in the EU market. With this tremendous success, the sector of organic agriculture in Serbia has shown that it can respond to the demanding EU requirements.

Nowadays OCS has approval by European Commission for Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. OCS code number is RS-BIO-162 for Serbia, ME-BIO-162 for Montenegro, BA-BIO-162 for Bosnia and Herzegovina and MK-BIO-162 for Macedonia.


OCS is also included in the official list of recognized certification bodies in Switzerland.

Beside inspection and certification of organic products, Organic Control System is providing services of certification products with geographical indication, as well as inspection and certification according to NOP, JAS (in partnership with CERES-CERT). and Donau soja standard www.donausoja.org . OCS is also authorized to provide inspections according to KRAV extra requirements www.krav.se and BIO SUISSE private standard www.icbag.ch

OCS is member of EOCC (European Organic Certifiers Council) and IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements).

Organic Control System Team

Associate controllers

Marija Vukosav, MSc of cattle breeding – organic cattle breeding
Aleksandar Vojkić, graduate engineer – organic cattle breeding
Prof. Phd Aleksandar Simić – organic plant production
Vladimir Popadić, graduate engineer – processing of organic raw materials
Phd Milenko Košutić – organic plant production, specialization for group certification
Miloš Vukelić, graduate engineer – organic plant production, specialization for collection of wild plants


If you want to contact some of our associate controllers, please send us an email to administracija@organica.rs and state the name of our associate controller.

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